Planning a Successful Movie Event

Planning your movie event should be an easy process from start to finish. To aid you in the process, we’ve put together a checklist of things to do and consider when planning your program. Have questions? Contact your Event Coordinator at 1-401-640-4703 for more assistance.


In the months/weeks leading up to your event, you should…

  • Reserve rooms, outdoor venues and equipment needed for your event (or back-up venue in case of inclement weather).
  • Double check the facility for technical requirements.
  • Check with Swank Motion Pictures, Inc.® for movie availability. Once your movie order is placed, you will receive a written confirmation from your Swank Account Executive. Check the confirmation for accurate dates, titles and shipping address.
  • Plan your ad campaign.
  • Mail invitations, emails and/or newsletter.
  • Display event signs in your facility or on your grounds.

Two business days before your show

  • Has your movie arrived? If not, follow-up with your account executive.
  • Test run the entire movie. Check for any issues with the film and your equipment. If you have difficulty with your movie, contact us immediately.

Night of the show

  • Announce your next movie and other upcoming events.
  • Distribute Thank You’s accordingly.
  • Enjoy yourself since you’ve planned a successful show!
  • Take pictures of the event

Day after the show

  • Bring the movie back to your shipping and receiving office with the return label on the outside of the box.
  • If you charged admission for your event, make sure to complete your audience report.

Other things to consider

  • Do you need security?
  • Will you need a clean-up crew?
  • Do you want to have concessions?
  • Do you want to use giveaways?
  • What type of staffing/ volunteers will you need?
  • Could you secure a corporate sponsorship?