Entertainment Under The Stars

Entertainment Under The Stars – A David Steets production Company is based in Cranston, RI. We are an outdoor cinema event company that specializes in large scale indoor and outdoor media presentations. Entertainment Under The Stars delivers the ultimate outdoor cinema experience in RI. Our primary territory includes RI, MA, and CT.

The inspiration for this business was childhood memories of going to the drive-in theater with the entire family. Do you remember bundling up in sleeping bags on a mild summer evening watching a movie like Star Wars out of the back of a station wagon? Our parents would hope that we would fall asleep soon after the second movie started so we wouldn’t see something that we weren’t supposed to see. Some of us would pretend to sleep, taking a peek once in a while, and finally fall asleep for good. Family memories like those are priceless.

Outdoor cinema events are an ideal way to…

Inspire community unity
Provide evening entertainment for youth
Produce excitement for the entire family
Add value for annual community events
Help start a new tradition
Share your love for movies

Entertainment Under The Stars Outdoor Cinema is bringing the outdoor movie experience to the next generation. Most of our events are structured so that the audience is seated on blankets or lawn chairs instead of sitting in cars. This format creates a greater sense of community since you can sit close to friends and neighbors. Entertainment Under The Stars uses superior outdoor audio systems that rival the quality of indoor theaters. High definition DLP and LCD projectors produce sharp video images on inflatable and framed movie screens up to 45 feet wide.

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